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  • Develop and publish national standards in accordance with internationally recognized procedures and promote their use in trade, industry and in technical regulations established by other authorities;
  • Achieve, establish and maintain national standards at levels of precision appropriate to the needs of the country and to disseminate their values in trade, industry and civil society through the national benchmarking system;
  • Establish, implement and maintain legal metrology standards for the measurement of equipment to ensure accuracy of measurements in commerce, law enforcement and health systems;
  • Establish and maintain conformity assessment services, ie stable, inspection and certification services, which are clearly competent to ensure their maximum acceptance by economic operators and authorities;
  • Assist the government in identifying, designing, implementing and prioritizing quality strategies, policies and standards;
  • Ensure the capture, maintenance and dissemination of information in the field of standardization and WTO agreements;
  • Provide training in standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and environment;
  • Participate in the application in public tender procedures and provide inspection, testing and certification services to the government for goods purchased by them;
  • Establish and maintain market surveillance, inspection of imports and industry, inspection systems for products falling under mandatory standards;
  • Establish relations and represent the Republic of Burundi with regional and international organizations with objects and functions similar to those of the Bureau, as provided for by this law;
  • Establish and implement any other function assigned to the Minister's Office that is not inconsistent with the objects and requirements of this Act.


BBN management vision in the future as the national standardization body of Burundi including a number of basic elements, namely:

  • Recognition by our peers of the EAC as a full partner;
  • The first point of appeal from the authorities and the private sector for the development of standards or information on related standards;
  • The conformity assessment service provider of choice for authorities, producers and industry;
  • The service provider in the field of recognized legal and industrial metrology;
  • Build laboratories and participation in inter-comparison at regional and international level;
  • Increase the visibility of BBN, through awareness campaigns.
  • To be a strong leader

BBN Contact

Tanzania Boulevard, No 500
Post box 3535 Bujumbura, Burundi


(+257) 22221577/22221815

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