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BBN must have the standards information center physically upgraded and make a pleasure for customers to visit. Space is more than enough. BBN should also introduce modern established intelligence services, get a good internet connection. So should BBN: 

1) Physically, upgrade the information center, ie painting, adequate flooring, reasonable furniture, decent lighting, etc. 

2) Install a dedicated PC for information and get proper links with the appropriate bandwidth and speed to the internet as soon as possible. Subscribe to Perinorm and other information services relevant standards. 

3) In two years, according to the frequency of use (currently 5 people outside BBN visit the center per month on average, this must increase by at least 10 to 20 per day), BBN will add another PC to use by clients and staff to obtain information on related standards. 

These plans for the next ten years will require a concerted effort by the Standards Division, a special focus on project management, strengthened linkages with the private sector and regulatory authorities and, most importantly, the provision of the necessary finances that must be planned for. Re-engineering the organizational structure of BBN to establish a Standards Division that is responsible for the entire standards value chain will also be a very important prerequisite to give them the proper track in carrying out the 10-year plan.

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